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Showing Period 1st January 2014 - 24th March 2019

Fully Funded Projects By Platform

This chart shows the number of fully funded projects on each platform by category between 01Jan2014 - 24Mar2019

  • Recently Added

  • Indiegogo

    projects have each raised the most with $39,207 on average

  • Fundrazr

    projects have the best chance of success at 41.6% on average


    projects are most popular with 1,278,387 backers each on average

  • Kickstarter

    has had the most completed projects overall with 304,373

These stats are for all projects we tracked between 01Jan2014 - 24Mar2019

Platforms Success On Average

Based on the number of projects fully funded (100%+)
These charts shows the number of completed projects which ended or reached their target and the percentage by platform between 01Jan2014 - 24Mar2019

New Projects Added

This is the number of new projects added each day