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Do you help crowdfunders or work professionally in the industry? This is the perfect package to discover the data you need to guide projects to success.

  • Discover More About The Crowd

    Find out what projects people are backing and where they put their money
  • See what has worked for projects

    Easy to understand stats about previous campaigns to help you study campaigns and set your targets
  • Category Insights To Inform Campaigns

    Research categories and see what works in what market allowing you a behind the scenes view of crowdfunding
  • Platforms Stats and Comparisons

    See which platform could work best for your project
  • Advanced Crowdfunding Reporting and Analysis Tools

    Get the key stats and analysis and see what is happening in crowdfunding in fine detail
    - Month-on-Month: View data in a selected period and compare performance over time
  • Bespoke PDF Crowdfunding Report Generator

    Download your advanced crowdfunding reports to PDF
  • Advanced Crowdfunding Mapping

    Explore the wider world of crowdfunding in even greater detail with additional map search and filter tools. Also see local and national headlines and comparisons.

What Is In This Package?

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    Headline Crowdfunding Stats
  • Y
    Project Insights & Data
  • Y
    Categories Insights & Data
  • Y
    Platforms Insights & Comparions
  • Y
    Advanced Crowdfunding Report Generator (+ PDF)
  • Y
    Advanced Crowdfunding Mapping
  • Y
    Local & International Data and Comparisons




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Platforms Data


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Our data are 'actuals' presented to platform visitors and collected from primary sources in real-time. While we make all reasonable efforts to ensure all analyses, facts, figures, opinions and other data provided are accurate and up to date we are necessarily dependent on the accuracy of the data provided by these platforms. So in some instances data may be subject to revision without notice.