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Crowdfunding has emerged as a worldwide phenomena. It exists in four major forms: equity, lending, rewards and donations. The equity, lending and donation models are traditional sources of finance that simply harness crowdfunding platforms to seek wider audiences. However rewards crowdfunding is something very new.

Rewards crowdfunding drives innovation through vital seed-funding, empowering inventors, entrepreneurs and creatives on an unprecedented scale. In this way, a successful crowdfunded project achieves ‘proof of concept’.

The research domain of rewards crowdfunding represents rich opportunities for advancing new knowledge about financial and economic changes as well as societal behaviour.

Primary data is generated via direct observation of all the major crowdfunding sites worldwide (see here for details), without intermediation. Since 2013, data has been harvested daily providing a times-series for each project and allowing greater confidence when making interpretive predictions.

  • This data includes global, country and city level information, counts the number of live projects, backers, the amounts of money raised, the activity of each platform and more.

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  • Sector specific data is disaggregated by 40 or so categories as elected by the platforms. Sample reports are available.

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  • Our datasets and reports are of interest to researchers and analysts in the areas of finance, economics, marketing, policy and social science, as well as those that study entrepreneurship and support entrepreneurs.

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These figures are for all projects we tracked between 1st January 2014 - 25th May 2024


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Our data are 'actuals' presented to platform visitors and collected from primary sources in real-time. While we make all reasonable efforts to ensure all analyses, facts, figures, opinions and other data provided are accurate and up to date we are necessarily dependent on the accuracy of the data provided by these platforms. So in some instances data may be subject to revision without notice.