Does your University have access to the latest data?

Rewards Crowdfunding is an essential component of entrepreneurship, with over 891,900 campaigns run since 2014.

Entrepreneurs have raised over $41 Billion worldwide – and £616 Million in the UK – since 2014

But only 28% of crowdfunders reach their goals. And entrepreneurs who crowdfund experience varied rates of success in each country, sector and platform.

Do you know which sectors are most successful at crowdfunding? Which territories? And which platforms? Does your University have access to the latest data?

Get the key crowdfunding statistics and analysis and see what is happening in crowdfunding in fine detail:

Month-on-Month or year-on-year: view data in a selected period of your choosing and compare performance over time

Business sectors, crowdfunding categories and markets: compare the performance of different categories

Locations and platforms: extensive data on crowdfunding success rates by location, platform and more

Create bespoke crowdfunding reports as downloadable pdfs, use our flexible power analysis tools to interrogate and compare the data, and access project data for up to 10,000 campaigns per month which you can export to CSV format for your own analysis.

Access to up to date crowdfunding data is crucial for University business schools and entrepreneurship programmes

Rewards crowdfunding drives innovation through vital seed-funding. It empowers inventors, entrepreneurs and creatives on an unprecedented scale.

Data analysis into rewards crowdfunding offers rich – and unique – opportunities to advance your knowledge about financial and economic changes as well as societal behaviour.

And access to up to date data is crucial for “fit-for-purpose” educational institutions – and their students – in 2018.

What next?

A University / Academic subscription to The Crowd Data Centre provides (unlimited) access to our data, analysis and reporting packages for your institution’s staff, lecturers and students.

It’s the only way to get hold of the most comprehensive and up to date data in rewards crowdfunding.


Our services are already used by leading Universities; our data was featured in a 2017 joint report with global accounting firm, PwC which generated extensive international media coverage, and our CEO is regularly quoted in media worldwide

Download a sample of the data we have available