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Did you know over 500 new crowdfunding campaigns are launched around the globe every day? We know this because it’s our job to keep track. Since 2013, over 911,000 rewards crowdfunding projects went live in over 250 countries. We couldn’t be more pleased with all this innovative activity, yet sadly some great campaigns simply can’t shout loud enough. Our live data tells us that only 28% of projects reach their target goal - we can increase your chances and boosted campaigns typically raise twice as much.

I’m Barry James. I’m passionate about crowdfunding because of the potential to drive innovation in society, based on what people want. I’m happy that all kinds of entrepreneurial and creative people no longer need to go cap-in-hand to the bank. That’s why we founded TheCrowdfundingCenter. We design unique analytical tools for people who want to be successful at rewards crowdfunding. Most crowdfunding platforms want you to achieve the same goal, and will give you help based on data from their platform. But we’re not a crowdfunding platform.

Here’s why we’re different. I’m also the CEO of the CrowdDataCenter - the Global Observatory of Rewards Crowdfunding since 2013. And we collect data from crowdfunding platforms around the world. Our tools and analysis are based on this Big Data. No-one else in the world does this. But more on this later. We know it is not always easy running a campaign. In the most successful campaigns the 30 days plus push for funding is just the end bit of a lot of research and decision making. We can help you with our pre-launch tools, but most likely you’re juggling a start-up or working on a community or creative project (such as a film, album, gadget or game) as well as managing the rest of your life. There is no doubt that sustaining a crowdfunding campaign for the duration can be very daunting. We can support you by extending your network of contacts from day one of your campaign. If you are rea