About TheCrowdfundingCentre


The Crowdfunding Centre aims to be the world's premier resource for crowdfunders and crowdfunding providing services to:

  • JUMPSTART: Help crowdfunders prepare their campaign to maximise their chances of success and their reach and raise.
  • BOOST: Help campaigns reach out to, and engage, highly targeted potential backers.
  • DATA & Insights: Help professionals and academics get the latest data and insights, which also underpins the above.
Supporting journalists and serial backers in finding campaigns in their areas of interest.


Crowdfunding is the beating heart of a new economy, being re-designed and re-made by entrepreneurs for, and funded by, the crowd. Creating not just new products and services from a new source of crowd centred innovations but new jobs and new opportunities for all. Enabling citizen entrepreneurship, allowing people across the globe to create their own livelihoods, independent of governments and corporate the economy.

The Team Is...

  • The Crowdfunding Centre is the brainchild of Barry E James and his team (below). Barry is a writer, technologist and visionary respected around the world for his insights into entrepreneurship, crowdfunding and fintech who was among the first to understand the importance of crowdfunding in venture and job creation in the mainstream, digital, economy and architect of the centre.
  • Kay Worton (Klug) is responsible for crowdfunder support and an invaluable sounding-board as well as providing campaign insights, coaching and other services.
  • Jonathan James is our chief technologist responsible for the engine room, including development and delivery of the site and associated services,
  • The Broader Teams: The core team (above) are supported by and resourceful crowd of trusted experts: top-notch professionals with world class insights into crowdfunding

The Company

TheCrowdfundingCentre is a trading name of Crowdnewsdesk Ltd - Company No. 08653775 registered at Companies House,

Registered Office:
85 Great Portland Street

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